What People Are Saying About ACONS: A Celebration of Nantucket Sound

Praise from A Celebration of Nantucket Sound (ACONS) Viewers

We have welcomed thousands of viewers to our ACONS webinar series since launching this initiative in September 2020. Here are just a few of the many positive responses we have received in celebrating Nantucket Sound’s exceptional environment, robust history, and cultural importance to the Cape and Islands.


“Extremely well done. I can hardly wait for the next one. ” – William M.

“Great fun and a real treat. Thank you.” – Ian B.

“Fabulous on many levels.” – Bruce T.

“I greatly appreciate the ACONS series.” – Marietta D.

“Fantastic! Your dedication and endless work is truly saving Nantucket Sound.” – Susan and Peter

“Thank you for the great webinars.” – Kmacape

“Thank you for the Wampanoag perspective. I enjoyed it very much.” – Sue W.

“Thank you for the work you are doing to bring the Native American experience to more people.” – Peggy J.

“I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed ‘Songs, Stories, & Sea Chanties’ with Mark Alan Lovewell. It was wonderful. So informative, entertaining and inspiring!” – Bob S.

“I thought this was a very organized, thoughtful presentation.  I learned a great deal. Thank you for these wonderful presentations.” – Katherine B.

“Wonderful webinar! Very interesting. Thanks so much.” – Mary P.

“Enjoyed the program and I learned some new facts.” – Barbara W.

“I very much enjoyed the presentation. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and put forth a lot of information in a logical easy to understand fashion. Thanks again for doing these seminars.” – Bill C.

“Great presentation. I can’t wait to re-watch and share with my wife.” – Mark R.

“What a wonderful seminar. I learned so much!” – Robin P. 

“We enjoyed the Horseshoe Crab webinar and are looking forward to the next two. Very informative and well done! Thank you.” – Bruce C.

“Thank you for yesterday’s ever-so informative program about horseshoe crabs. Looking forward to the Snowy Owl program.” – Rebecca

“Thank you all for an amazing presentation on the horseshoe crabs! Keep up the great work.” – Judy E.

“The program was fun and informative. Watching a barred owl in the background made this Zoom a unique experience.” – Jan F.

“Great presentation on sea turtles. Well organized, great pictures and videos. Really enjoyed it.” – Richard and Evelyn

“Wonderful webinar. Very informative and instructive. Really enjoying your webinar series.” – Chet Y.

Steamboats and Ferries was an excellent program. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Thank you for making these available!” – Sandra K.

“Loved the presentation and learned a lot. Great photos and diagrams too. I’m excited to see the two other presentations for which I’ve registered.” – Denise W.

“A most impressive presentation!” – Daniel W.

“I attended the webinar [on the Kennedys] and absolutely loved it! Thank you so much.” – Lori S.

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