Q&A with Audra Parker,
President & CEO

Together, we have made great strides in our mission to permanently protect Nantucket Sound. But, we need your continued support to leave a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren. I encourage you to contribute to our preservation campaign. Nantucket Sound won’t stay a national treasure without your support.

– Audra

Photo of Audra Parker

The Sound has a rich tribal and maritime history and has long been recognized as more than just a body of water. It is the heart and soul of the Cape and Islands. It is a significant marine habitat for a diversity of ecologically and economically important species. It provides a livelihood for local fishermen, an inspiration for artists, and is a source of solace, relaxation, and recreation for the millions that flock to its shores. Nantucket Sound connects all of us who live and visit here.

While the state waters of the Sound are protected under Massachusetts law, the federal waters in the center remain open to industrial development. Nantucket Sound also faces threats to water quality, coastal resilience, habitat, and other climate change effects. Click to view map.

The best way to secure permanent protection for the Sound is through federal legislation. The Alliance has proposed the ‘Nantucket Sound National Historic Landmark Act’ which would recognize the Sound’s historic, environmental and economic values. It would also prevent future development by prohibiting industrial projects in the Sound and address diminished water quality, coastal erosion, habitat degradation, and other effects of climate change.

We made solid progress toward enacting this federal legislation. We worked closely with our federal delegation and built a strong and diverse coalition of support. We earned endorsements from Governor Baker, our local representatives and nearly 100 key stakeholder groups. This coalition of elected officials, environmental groups, municipalities, tribal governments, historic preservation groups, commercial fishermen, and many others, is urging our representatives in Washington, D.C. to enact the Nantucket Sound National Historic Landmark Act.

The Alliance is the only group that is fighting to protect Nantucket Sound. As a non-profit, we rely solely on private donations. Thank you for your continued generosity as we seek permanent protection for Nantucket Sound. Your tax-deductible donation today will leave a legacy for tomorrow.

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