Education Program

The goal of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound’s education program is to spread awareness of the importance of Nantucket Sound, its unique environmental, historic and economic values, and the need to protect it for future generations. To help achieve this goal, the Alliance introduced a virtual webinar series in the fall of 2020 – “A Celebration of Nantucket Sound” or ACONS. Each webinar focuses on an important aspect of Nantucket Sound and features an expert to discuss the topic. The monthly webinars are free and easily accessible for those interested in learning more about the unique properties of Nantucket Sound.

The Alliance has also launched the Nantucket Sound Ambassador program in the fall of 2021, to involve high school students in Cape and Islands communities. Nantucket Sound Ambassadors promote permanent environmental preservation of Nantucket Sound through grassroots advocacy, beach clean ups and social media. Students involved in the Ambassador program gain volunteer hours and experience as well as a greater appreciation of their local environment while assisting the Alliance in advocating for the preservation and protection of Nantucket Sound.

ACONS Webinar Series

ACONS is an educational webinar series designed to celebrate Nantucket Sound’s exceptional environment, robust history, and cultural importance to the Cape and Islands. These monthly webinars provide free, accessible, and fun learning opportunities for individuals and families in the safety of their own homes through Zoom. We hope that this series will culminate in a live celebration later this year.

Ambassador Program

The Nantucket Sound Ambassador Program is a partnership between the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound and local Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket high schools. The program is designed to engage high school students in the Cape and Island communities to promote the permanent environmental preservation of Nantucket Sound.

The goal of the program is to spread awareness about Nantucket Sound, its historic, environmental and economic values, the many threats facing Nantucket Sound’s future health and why this unique body of water needs protection. Students participating in the program would perform outreach through volunteer acts within their communities. Beach clean-ups, photos and facts about Nantucket Sound on social media, and canvassing the local community to spread awareness would provide participating ambassadors with a variety of volunteer activities. The program offers an opportunity to gain volunteer hours needed for school requirements and gather experience with a local environmental organization.

The Alliance has launched this program in the fall of 2021 to involve the younger Cape and Islands generations in the education of and advocacy for the preservation of Nantucket Sound by helping to establish Nantucket Sound as a National Historic Landmark.

These students are not just ambassadors, they are tomorrow’s stewards of a national treasure that needs the protection of those who live and work alongside and on Nantucket Sound”

– Alliance CEO and President Audra Parker

Interested students, club leaders, and faculty members should contact to learn more.

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