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Chamber Backs Efforts to Protect Our Sound

Cape Cod Times Letter to the Editor: “Chamber backs efforts to protect our sound” February 18, 2019 –

Your Feb. 9 editorial, “Sound thinking,” shows the need for tenacity and determination if we are to be successful in protecting our delicate environment and coastal resources for generations to come.

Just as in the 1960s, when President Kennedy had the foresight to protect the Outer Cape through federal action that created the Cape Cod National Seashore, today federal legislation is needed to protect beautiful Nantucket Sound from a future of oil and gas exploration, mining and other industrial development. As Cape residents, we recognize that the environment is our economy and as such needs to be guarded fervently.

Another positive aspect of the burgeoning movement toward landmark designation for Nantucket Sound is its bringing together of divergent groups to support a common good. The Sound belongs to everyone, and it is our duty to honor our commitment to its preservation.

It comes as no surprise that this initiative was spearheaded by Save Our Sound, the organization that defeated Cape Wind in 2017. We couldn’t agree more with your editorial, wishing them “strong winds at their backs, clear skies and smooth sailing.”

Wendy Northcross
CEO, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

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Reprinted via Cape Cod Times, which is not affiliated with the Alliance.