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Landmark Status for the Sound

Cape Cod Times: “Nantucket Sound must receive landmark status” August 17, 2018 –

In response to the Aug. 8 front-page story “Alliance seeks broader protection for Nantucket Sound,” I actively and enthusiastically support any effort that makes sure our children and our grandchildren enjoy the same beautiful, protected and treasured Nantucket Sound that we do today.

No, we don’t want the Sound to be the site of gas and oil wells, wind turbines or any other use that gets in the way of its natural beauty, harms its fish and birds or stops the traditional and wonderful uses of the Sound as a place to fish, boat or just watch the sunrise.

While stopping Cape Wind may have seemed controversial to some, there is absolutely nothing controversial about preserving a national treasure with the rich history and environment Nantucket Sound possesses. I urge Sens. Warren and Markey and Rep. Keating to please help get the Sound a national historic landmark designation.

Lisa Tacker